Monday, July 31, 2017

SCREAM - Still Screaming LP 82 w This Side Up LP 85 w Banging The Drum LP 87

I checked the Dischord records website to see if these albums were still in print and didn't look like it.  However, we are in synch as the band is touring U.K. this month after many years!  They will have copies of the fourth LP for sale.  I saw them in 1987 and HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you try to go see this legendary band.  Something about subtle, emotive and restrained sound that makes the audience go wild!!  I will let the post expire to be fair.  Top Ten live band for me.
Link 1 of 2:
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d. said...


Thanks for great Scream rips! I've always liked Scream, including all hard-core punky reggae tunes they did.

If you ever come across "No More Censorship" LP... I'd like to hear it again. Last time I listened to it (cca. 25 years ago) I didn't dig it as much.


tom said...

Thanks for posting - been wanting to hear this material