Tuesday, April 11, 2017

SIMON TOWNSHEND - Sweet Sound LP 83 w Moving Targets LP 85

REPOST Request:  O.K. have added some pictures to recent post.


Viacomclosedmedown on youtube said...

EricCarrRulez said...
Thanks so much for reposting these!!!

FEBRUARY 28, 2017 AT 3:50 PM
Carmela Carr said...
Thanks for posting these! It says I can't open them because they are archives!

FEBRUARY 28, 2017 AT 4:04 PM
Werben said...
Thanks for the re-up. I can't open these either. I get an error message that they can't be opened.

MARCH 5, 2017 AT 1:37 AM

MARCH 21, 2017 AT 11:46 AM
Juliane said...
Here you are:

SS back https://img.discogs.com/1rFcy0gAdk80yHPCsXaYNUTKqgI=/fit-in/587x600/filters:strip_icc():format(jpeg):mode_rgb():quality(90)/discogs-images/R-4237620-1359370693-8627.jpeg.jpg
SS inside 1 https://img.discogs.com/kWg4Qa--2giFE2ps5e5tA01Nrig=/fit-in/592x600/filters:strip_icc():format(jpeg):mode_rgb():quality(90)/discogs-images/R-4237620-1359370700-4358.jpeg.jpg
SS inside 2 https://img.discogs.com/QLbpC1d13HajXcsK-KUXh3OlXMw=/fit-in/585x600/filters:strip_icc():format(jpeg):mode_rgb():quality(90)/discogs-images/R-4237620-1359370711-3529.jpeg.jpg

MT back https://img.discogs.com/4FyOigAtjR7pioT09ZJffnYEIb0=/fit-in/600x603/filters:strip_icc():format(jpeg):mode_rgb():quality(90)/discogs-images/R-3969676-1366550758-4163.jpeg.jpg
MT inside 1 https://img.discogs.com/hHTaLiARm7C13qE6a-0YY8ycCFA=/fit-in/600x587/filters:strip_icc():format(jpeg):mode_rgb():quality(90)/discogs-images/R-3969676-1366550779-5669.jpeg.jpg
MT inside 2 https://img.discogs.com/_-UDUNJ3MoNkVBo3epkV8AjtlmM=/fit-in/600x580/filters:strip_icc():format(jpeg):mode_rgb():quality(90)/discogs-images/R-3969676-1366550783-6332.jpeg.jpg

Cheers, Ju

MARCH 21, 2017 AT 5:06 PM
Viacomclosedmedown on youtube said...
WOW Juliane, you are a Godsend for Townshend! Thanks for your incredible search skills and filling the request...first time a commenter helped me recover lost data. Glad it happens only rarely (I think it was when I was moving around files on my hard drive...always a risk when you have gigabytes and gigabytes of data if you don't wait for it to finish.
Three Cheers!!!

MARCH 22, 2017 AT 8:06 AM
Carmela Carr said...
Thanks for reuploading these!! I just opened them and they work perfectly!! Thanks so much!!! :-)

MARCH 24, 2017 AT 1:36 PM
Carmela Carr said...
I had another mild fiasco, because "So Real" didn't come with the mp3s, but everything else is there.

MARCH 25, 2017 AT 5:28 PM
Anonymous said...
Autsch!!! link is dead. joske

MARCH 31, 2017 AT 4:15 AM
Anonymous said...
Argh the link has died again :(
Please can someone help with these...

APRIL 1, 2017 AT 8:49 AM

MusicDude said...

pls reup dead

Viacomclosedmedown on youtube said...


This one is up again for you as well.