Monday, January 30, 2017

Universal Buzz Radio - Cardigans w Soul Coughing

Universal Buzz Radio as I remember was a weekly live band show out of Rochester New York that I used to listen to on Sundays after Harry Shearer show on Radio K my college station.  In fact, the Cardigan's song here "Rise and Shine" I would hear for weeks on end in my morning shower to wake me up since that first CD I had had a lot of great catchy songs on it and one or another song made it to the Friday and every morning countdown for weekly Top 7 songs on Radio can still look up the weekly hit lists at their website and feel free to send 'em money like I used to do as it is the future of music.  Went to see Soul Coughing many times as they almost felt like a local band at First Ave club and this live song to "Let the Man Go" was always a highlight at the shows!

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