Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Sheena and The Rokkets - #1 (JP) 79 w Synkuu Pack LP (JP) 79

REPOST Request and ADD-ON:  Thanks to Mark Underground and Felipe at Isksp defunkt blog for these two albums!

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Viacomclosedmedown on youtube said...

topper said...
Mark thanks for Sheena.

Do you have the powerpearls V.A comp. I asked whole blogland but nobody has.

Maybe you can help me. Went to a record -fare but nobody has it

So ?

APRIL 21, 2009 AT 6:07 PM
Anonymous said...
just a question beside of commenting S&TR.
How to upload an album of your wantlist. After finding and downloading lots of great music, I can take the time to give back a little (it's only 1 album, though...).
I didn't find a contact link, so I try this way.
Greetings J.

APRIL 21, 2009 AT 7:03 PM
That would be great J

To send music to me you need to zip it or use RAR,then upload the file to a host.

Then send me the link when it's done uploading.
You can send it to me here:

Thanks :)

APRIL 22, 2009 AT 8:12 AM
Anonymous said...
more...we want more of sheena!

JUNE 5, 2009 AT 5:08 AM
Anonymous said...

DECEMBER 3, 2010 AT 9:11 AM
Anonymous said...
Re-upload? Please :)
JANUARY 8, 2017 AT 10:03 AM