Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Exchange - Into The Night LP 88

Just a great skilled musician group with a sound that just jumps out of the groove at you!


newnativemark said...

This IS a great group, and I've been hoping to run across this album for some time. I am also looking for their self-titled album and also their album titled "Between Places."

Thanks a bunch!

Dea Noa said...

I have their complete album collection in mp3.

Between Places (1990)
The Legend Of Prince Valiant (1991)
Exchange (1992)
Beyond Words (1993)

Let me know if you maybe want them.

Viacomclosedmedown on youtube said...

That would be awesome! Go to zippyshare and just upload the zipped files. They instantly give you a link to the file with no sign up needed then you could lost here in comments and then I can repost so folks see it! Thanks Dea Noa

newnativemark said...

That would be terrific - very much appreciated. Thanks for sharing, Dea Noa.


newnativemark said...

Dea Noa - Are you still with us? Still looking forward to these other Exchange albums if you still plan to make them available.


Dea Noa said...
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