Thursday, January 19, 2017

CLOUDS - Scrapbook LP 69

A special post for the weekend, may I present you the first Prog Rock album by the Scottish band 1-2-3 aka CLOUDS on rare pink label Island records. Rick Wakeman and Keith Emerson were influenced by this three piece band's new approach of having no guitars but for the first time featuring the keyboards up front played by a genius (says David Bowie) named Billy Richie who introduced David to Jimi Hendrix who they opened for at an early show.  Here's a good article:

And the new rip!:
The textures and themes (Grandad song) of this record really took me back to the old days.


Lord Vhs&Beta said...

Thank you so much, have a nice weekend my friend :)

walas luna said...

hermano, eres grande. difíciles de conseguir. muchas gracias