Wednesday, November 30, 2016

VA - Bands That Could Be God LP 84

REPOST Request;  I couldn't believe when I found this one recently--a new Mad Violets track, another Flies track...also included:  Moving Targets, Sorry, Busted Statues, The Outpatients, Beanbag, Christmas, Salem 66, Flies, Deep Wound.

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Viacomclosedmedown on youtube said...

francesco said...
classic!thank you very much!
p.s. please another two "impossible"requests...
something about Virus (UK punk band)that released two demos in the 1984
and something about 4 Minute Warning (UK82 band)
thank you in advance

AUGUST 19, 2015 AT 5:59 PM
Ted L. said...
This one is excellent too. More Boston rock!

AUGUST 19, 2015 AT 8:33 PM
BabyHugZ said...
Link is dead :(

NOVEMBER 29, 2016 AT 7:33 AM