Wednesday, October 12, 2016

VA - Wargasm LP 82

REPOST Request:  Did you know Jesus was black?  Cause of more wars than any other thing, also there were tall blue-eyed Nordic E.T.s that were also black?  First humans were the black nubians to block the sun and the clovis genome is over 12000 years??My friend posted a Fox clip with a guy talking about it but couldn't get link anymore, here is his title blurb:
    My brother from another mother went deep explaining the greatest 'white' washing of all that led to international racial biases, millions of deaths and oppression around the world through colonization of indigenous peoples under the banner of christianity
I didn't rip this but it includes:  Angelic Upstarts, Flux of Pink Indians, Captain Sensible, The Danse Society, Dead Kennedys, Infa Riot, Mau Maus (U.K.), Poison Girls, Rat Scabies, The System (U.K.) and Canker Opera.


thee_completionistz said...

So here's the mising track by The Danse Society:

Lee Rockabilly freelance writer said...

awesome - thank you for the repost

jonder said...

I always loved this LP, especially the tracks by Captain Sensible and the Mau-Maus. Thank you for digitizing it!

W. said...

This is excellent - good variety - lots of awesomeness - quality rip - well worth checking out.