Wednesday, October 26, 2016

SPOOKS - 1980-1990 7inch 78

My REPOST:  I fixed the Halloween-type song on this called, Laugh It Up (It's All A Big Joke Anyway).  Happy Halloween!!! (still can't believe Slim Dunlap from the Replacements fame is in this early scene band!(The 'Mat's reformed to put out an EP Songs for Slim to help pay for medical bills after his stroke...just checked in on him and he is doing fine!)


Anonymous said...

Not to mention the great--and I mean GREAT--Curtiss A is in the band as well.

Mr_Crass said...

Thanks for these lost classics!

Todd Glaeser said...

since you posted the spooks & anonymous (boy, he/she posts on a lot of blogs) mentioned CURTISS A, any chance that we could see his twin-tone lp's anytime soon? please?

Viacomclosedmedown on youtube said...

Sorry, all Twin Tone are currently being digitized so I will have to honor that and no more posts by that label here at DU. We all agreed first year to take down any posts from currently active record labels. I am itching to post some Dischord (Flex Your Head 2LP with the 'wheat field' cover) and a couple bands on Alternative Tentacles but no go!
Thanks for the comment