Tuesday, October 4, 2016


Had never heard of these guys thinking they must have been way way way hidden out in the country somewhere back in the 60's just like their hard to find platter, but listening again I KNOW I've heard some of these songs SOMEWHERE in movies, in American culture somewhere..


davidwolfsonnc said...

Wait . . . you've never heard of the Byrds????? Please tell me this is sarcasm.

Viacomclosedmedown on youtube said...

Wow, I love the Byrds. I truthfully had no idea. I used to have a tape my older brother with only cassettes lent me that I kept, I love the Husker Du cover they did and have posted that 7 inch long ago and then I bought a greatest hits CD say 10 years ago or so and fell in love all again particularly with their later hits. I thought maybe something fishy was up when I found out the Stones post today was hidden kind of.. Funny name too like the EDWARDS GENERATION in my new Soul category first posts! I speak the truth. I go to 2 stores to solicit back my vinyl--the non keepers and usually give away the remainder. I had 4 bins of punk after college and sold them off over time as I ripped them and now have four bins of keepers as I usually buy with guides helpers in stores. Everything, life, facebook groups, job overviews, came together for me this week and training tomorrow. We'll see...stay true, stay free!