Friday, September 30, 2016

Robin Clark - Surrender LP 84

REPOST Request:  Title track is on Youtube, Synthy, catchy AOR!  Here is old header from previous post:  Here is what it says on the back cover by David Bowie, "It is little known fact that Robin and I were born brother and sister in the small town of...Hey, wait a minute.  What I mean is we toured together so much in the early seventies I suppose she feels like my sister, the one who sings, and does she sing!  This album has got to show what Carlos, myself and about a thousand other musicians and artists have thought for years.  That Robin Clark is one of the most distinctive and searching voices that can be heard...on nearly everybody's records.  And now her own.  Plus...eyes to die for."
I guess I can add today 9-30-16 that during our restructure coming up next week, I got many tidbits from my facebook groups including an enlightenment closed group and final solution was from the 13th Floor Elevators old drummer John "Ike" Walton with a meme about stress.  It helped me remember that Bruce 'Loose" Calderwood from Flipper didn't like Fish Oil and suggested Chia Seeds instead.  Well I started losing my vision and brain health body mind and couldn't understand my quality and filing errors at work.  So with a new high volume customer and jobs new jobs in the works I didn't what was off.  WIN.  Back on my Carlson's from Norway (no radioactivity) with near 500 mg of DHA/EPA must be equal amounts as the rest in Whole Foods store are FAKE BRANDS!  Yes I am even friends with Gary Floyd and outstanding painter!  BTW let's ban light-water nuke reactors now (use onlly 20% of rods) to avoid risky trips to storage underground then bring back the 50's 'molten salt reactor" that uses all the fuel so no more bombs!  An american company in my longest magazine subscription (yeah always like them) Popular Science says an American company brought it back but it's blocked here and hopefully China will buy it.  But it's wrong they get blocked by our system!!!

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