Monday, September 19, 2016

AURA - st LP

REPOST Request:  Met a new clerk at one of my organic grocery stores last week and I mentioned since he likes prog rock that I was told this was one of the first ones in that category.  He told me about a local radio show called 'Lumpytunes' by Rob Demperio where the he plays songs so jagged and odd to try to get people to turn off the radio!  Ha ha then I saw a few friends post on facebook a cool new video on Youtube in the same vien, look up BOOM BABA DO BA DABBA like Bob Dylan's old video with the notecards and it reminded me of how much I liked our old rap scene up in MN because today's rap is similar as it's all 'freestyle' it seems on the radio and it seems fashionable not to like it these days.  Well our old local scene with ATMOSPHERE, HEIRUSPECS, I SELF DEVINE and KANSER troupe were praised by ICE CUBE when he was in the paper visiting kids at neighborhoods in poor neighborhoods as he said our scene helped save rap and give new also kept my brain in real good shape and I loved the unity at shows.  Still not on the radio.  O.K. last rant for awhile.

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I have this lp and have always loved it! They put a second lp out which disappeared, have never been able to find it anywhere lp shopping internet or record stores. You ever heard anything of it?

FEBRUARY 13, 2016 AT 6:00 PM