Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Switched-On Bach - Walter (Wendy) Carlos Moog LP 68 w Switched-On Bach II - Moog LP 73 w Switched-On Nashville - Country Moog LP 72 w Switched-On Rock - The Moog Machine LP

I used to have another one of these looked like a space moog one but sold off long ago as it was boring to me.  I started collecting these when I found out about Wendy Carlos.  Also don't forget about the electronic master posted here from Japan:  Tomita! (they forgot the hypen on one..LOL)
Link 1 of 4:
Link 2 of 4:
Link 3 of 4;
Link 4 of 4:


DonHo57 said...

Wow...switched-on everything everywhere. Thanks for these posts, haven't seen a couple of them in years.

Sick Dr Joe said...

Merely one more exhibit (well, four, actually - but four among, like, ten friggin' thousand!) demonstrating why this is the hands-down Most Unique Music Blog on the planet.

You literally NEVER know what you're gonna find each day - except that you'll probably never encounter it anywhere else.....ever. As the Fat Man said to Sam Spade, "There's never any telling what you'll say or do next, sir - except it's bound to be astonishing."

Okay, here's where I sob out my so-not-worthy repost requests: LOZ NETTO! STEVE SWINDELLS! And the still-criminally-underrated STEVE GIBBONS and his brilliant 'Street Parade' lp!

Anonymous said...

Gracias MIL, saludos desde America del Sur !!!!!!!!