Thursday, July 28, 2016

NEGAZIONE - Muccio Selvaggio 84 w Condannati A Morte Nel Quiete Vivere 85 w Tutti Pazzi 85 w Lo Spirito Continua 86 w Nightmare 87 w Little Dreamer 88 w Behind The Door 89 w Sempre In Bilico 89 w The Wild Bunch, Early Days 89 w 100% 90 w Tutti Pazzi 83 - 92

SEARCH ABOVE FOR MORE and ADD ON:  An immense thanks to 'luis' for sending this link in after my limited post a day ago.  I encourage you to check this out for sure as you wouldn't see this link in comments if you already download my only two releases I had in files.


luis said...

thanks a lot for sharing my file about great Negazione. hope someone could enjoy.
If you want i could share also the discography of Disciplinatha a italian punk rock band active from 1987 and 1997 (more info
and a 2cd Compilation of CCP ( that you have yet shared here).
Let me know

Daniel said...

Hell ya, thanks for this!!!! Went to Rome once and got to see DRI in a squat(wish I remembered who opened up?). This was around 2002 so not prime era but was still great seeing all the Italian punks and metalheads going crazy!!!! Also was able to see Raw Power in the 90's play our DIY spot in Cleveland,Ohio. Let me just say they still destroyed, I can only imagine what they were like in the 80's. Grazie!!!