Friday, May 6, 2016

WIPERS - The Power In One LP 99

Request:  I had a request for the last three Wipers release starting with this one but could not find the last two in my files, 'Herd' and 'Silver'.  Please post link in comments if you have these.  Thanks:>}


LoFi Larry said...

A person can never have too much Wipers:

Wipers "Silver Sail" (1993) 320

Wipers "The Herd" (1996) 320

Reinhard said...

here's the full WIPERS-load:


henry ramone/vonhell said...

IT WAS ME!!!!!!!!!! THANX VERY MUCH EVERYBODY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i got everything i need, now i can fuckin'die in peace (after listening to the mighty WIPERS) ,they are so good ,the first ones and the depressing ones !thanx again