Monday, December 21, 2015

VA - We Three Bings LP

REPOST Request:  Want to thank Green Hulk and Mark Underground for originally posting this lost classic!!!  Mellower and not what you think it will sound like but actually what you want it to sound like so take a listen, it will get you in the Holiday mood for sure as boss gives me a break until Jan. 4th when I can look at requests then.  Yeah Bing is/was a Minnesotan like me so be sure to look further down in the posts today for another of us, Bob Dylan's very first recording ever on vinyl!

Features:  Rats Of Unusual Size/Shaved Pigs/Letch Patrol/Honeymoon Killers/
Lili Braindrop and the Yeastie Gilrz/Purple Geezus/GAWK/Lysdexic/
George Tabb Expierience/Reverb Notherfuckers/Ed Gein's Car/W.O.O.


Anonymous said...

Just wanted to thank you for all the great music you post, the time you take to upload it, and the stories you post with it. Thanks for all that work!


Anonymous said...

I want to thank you too, for all the pasttime memories & rarities, can you reupload this one:

The Melted Americans - Evil Monkey Bowl LP '86

Thanx a lot