Friday, October 9, 2015

VA - The Scotty Story - Minnesota's Legendary '60's Rock Label! CD 1993

Pulling some requests last night from some hard drives and I found this mint little cherry unplucked and not even unzipped yet!  What a classic from my home state!  Beer Bust Blues!!!!!  Love that 'Crusher' from AWA wrestling style vocal of the Scotsmen like the original band from my actual city called the Novas who paid homage to the ruffian and later I would shout out a request to the Cramps who sang it for me as I used to watch Da Crusher every Saturday growing up as my older brother tried out moves on me like "The Texas Brainbuster", 'Raindrops on my chest with finger" or the drill which was the same thing on the chest while I was pinned!

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