Friday, October 23, 2015

The Jam - In The City w This Is The Modern World cassette 77 w News Of The World 7 78 w Absolute Beginners EP 81 w The Bitterest Pill EP 82 w Beat Surrender EP 82 w The Style Council - 7s 83 w Groovin' 7 84 w LP 84 w the hit RED hot EP 85 7 w Confessions Of A Pop Group LP 88 w Internationalist LP 85 w The Cost of Loving LP 87 w Greatest Hits Vol. 1 LP 89 w Rome, Italy 10-22-84 w Paul Weller - 7 94 w 7 98 w st LP


REPOST and ADD-ON:  A few 12 Jam EP's I can add on to my old cassette rip of the first two albums.  I think I have more Jam on cassette of albums before the Gift included here off an old cassette.  All the rest is taped vinyl from my old skater buddy Skip...since I posted all the overload of obscure bands from 1989 last week, I wanted to get grounded again with what I WAS LISTENING TO BACK IN 1989 mainly The Greatest Hits Vol. 1 of the Style Council plus all these other albums on tape so we have a period going into Style Council and period right after.  Since I am friends with Paul Weller on facebook, I noticed he just released another one--awesome!  I'm in for that buy!  Yes his lyrics are epic in my book..."You don't have to take that crap, you can actually try changing it!!" yes I did in my own mind over the years.  Thanks Paul and your accompanying musicians.
Link 1 of 7:
Link 2 of 7:
Link 3 of 7:
Link 4 of 7:
Link 5 of 7:
Link 6 of 7:
NOTE each file is labeled to a particular album but since I ran out of room I mixed the files in to fit.


Anonymous said...

any chance you have anything from paul wellers own label from the 80s, respond records, perhaps the lp "belief" by "the questions"? thanks

Anonymous said...

request: Big Sound Authority - An Inward Revolution

francesco said...

great post!thank you very much!
I have a wish...have you got something about The Humpers (US 90'band)
Thank you in advance!