Monday, August 17, 2015

VA - Nobody Gets On The Guest List LP 85 w Let's Breed LP 86 w Claws LP 86 w Garage Sale! ROIR Cassette

Yes, more Flies and Prime Movers!  Includes:  Scruffy The Cat, Chain Link Fence, Noonday Underground, Christmas, The Odds, The Outlets, The Unattached, Blackjacks, Busted Statues, The Underachievers, Flies, The Edge, Prime Movers (1981).

Well now, I had a request in the comments section of this post for more of the same kind of comp from Boston, so I scored up a few others with even one I hadn't heard before!  Thanks to who recommended it to me:

O.K. so somebody wanted the rest of the Throbbing Lobster comps. so I put this little post together from past ripposts here I done did long ago...except for Mr. Beautiful is new to me from a post I found long ago....somewhere in the file's origin on which I'm blank but not my rip.
Mr. Beautiful bands: The F.U's, Prime Movers, Gang Green, Johnny And The Jumper Cables, Scruffy The Cat, The Dogmatics, The Blackjacks, Band 19, The Oysters, The Freeze, Last Stand and Swinging Erudites.  The Comp is bundled with bands on Nobody such as:  The Flies, The Underachievers, The Hopelessly Obscure, The Prime Movers, Christmas, Wild Kingdom, 21-645, The Turbines, Classic Ruins, Johnny And The Jumper Cables, Chain Link Fench, Holy Cow, Noise Pencil and Baby's Arm.

the next one up called Claws is the legitimate third comp in the series and it features:   The Prime Movers, Capture The Flag, Turbines, The Primevals, Buzz And The Gang, Volcano Suns, Classic Ruins, Unattached, Willie Alexander And The Jackals, Underachievers, Vandykes, Last Stand, New Parts From Old, Actual Size, The Mighty Ions.

So you see I through in the Garage Sale! as having similar bands in the series such as:  The Mosquitos, The Vipers, The Gravedigger V, The Trip, Boys From Nowhere, Mystic Eyes, The Addition, The Tell-Tale Hearts, The Crickle, The Pandoras, The Fourgiven, The Shoutless, The Cheepskates, The Aromatics, The Not Quite, The Things, The Fuzztones, The Unclaimed, Wildfang...The Band With 1000 Names.

I added one more comp. above from Rhino, includes:  Willie Alexander, Real Kids, Nervous Eaters, Unnatural Axe, La Peste, The Cars, The Neighborhoods, Human Sexual Response, The Maps, Mission Of Burma, Classic Ruins, The Lyres, Neats, Thrills, Robin Lane And The Chartbusters, The Atlantics, Dangerous Birds, Del Fuegos, The Outlets:


Ted L. said...

Thank you so much for posting this! The first Throbbing Lobster comp was a real treat, so I'm looking forward to digging into this one.

Now for a couple upload requests. In a similar vein, could you re-post Claws! and Mr. Beautiful presents All Hard? There was so much great music in Boston in those days.

Thanks again!

Ted L. said...

Thank you! So much great stuff. Thats why DU is one of my favorite blogs.

zuiop said...

Do you need Busted Statues only 45 Red Clouds / The Bo Tree?

Viacomclosedmedown on youtube said...

O.K. folks all file links restored and I added another Boston Comp.

zuiop if you have those files I would post them at the blog also.

Kind regards,

zuiop said...

Busted Statues 45