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CMX - unorganized

REPOST Request:  I apologize that no songs are labeled or albums identified but this is how the original post was presented.  The original comments that I always try to transfer to a repost has a commenter listing the song titles but the number of songs don't match up.  At any rate I have listened to these songs since they were posted and can say I thoroughly enjoy the band!  Here is what Mark said in his original post:
Post Punk/Punk/Alternative/?... From Finland
(This is 3 disks I got from some finnish guy.The cover I used here is I'm sure one of the albums represented.I have no titles or album knowledge.Take it as you get it.Pretty interesting stuff I think you'll like.Sorry for the Badongo link but as I said...thats what you get as I didn't trust Mediafire at the time)


Viacomclosedmedown on youtube said...

Terska said...
It seems like there are no complete albums here.

*** PART 1 ***

01. Ainomieli- track 08 from Aurinko
02. Aura- track 12 from Aura
03. Baikonur- track 10 from Dinosaurus Stereophonicus CD 1
04. Ei yksikään- track 05 from Vainajala
05. Jatkuu niinkuin sade- track 01 from Dinosaurus Stereophonicus CD 2
06. Karsikkopuu- track 08 from Dinosaurus Stereophonicus CD 2
07. Kultanaamio- track 07 from Aura. Also on Kultanaamio single
08. Manalainen- track 07 from Aurinko
09. Myrskyn ratsut- track 01 from Myrskyn Ratsut single
10. Pelasta maailma- track 09 from Rautakantele
11. Pirunmaitoa- track 12 from Rautakantele
12. Punainen nro. 6- track 02 from Sillanrakentaja single
13. Seittemän jeesusta- track 02 from Nimetön single
14. Sillanrakentaja- track 07 from Vainajala. Also on Sillanrakentaja single
15. Kirosäkeet- track 05 from Rautakantele

MAY 31, 2008 AT 10:28 AM
Terska said...
*** PART 2 ***
01. Tuonen lintu- track 02 from Dinosaurus Stereophonicus CD 2
02. Kultaiset portaat- track 05 from Dinosaurus Stereophonicus CD 2
03. Olkoon täysi sinun maljasi- track 09 from Dinosaurus Stereophonicus CD 2
04. Helvetin hyvä paimen- track 07 from Veljeskunta
05. Ilmestyskirjanpitäjä- track 08 from Dinosaurus Stereophonicus CD 1
06. Kätketty kukka- track 11 from Veljeskunta
07. Keskellä- track 03 from Kultanaamio single
08. Nainen tanssii tangoa- track 05 from Aura
09. Π (pii)- track 02 from Surunmurhaaja single
10. Polyhymnia- track 01 from Musiikin ystävälliset kasvot Reissue
11. Tähteinvälinen- track 06 from Aurinko
12. Talvipäivänseisaus- track 09 from Aura
13. Turkoosi- track 06 from Aura
14. Veden ääri- track 11 from Rautakantele
15. Vuori- track 06 from Musiikin ystävälliset kasvot Reissue
16. Yöllisiä- track 02 from Rautakantele
17. Eufrat- track 09 from Vainajala
18. Ruoste- track 04 from Aura

MAY 31, 2008 AT 10:29 AM
Terska said...
*** PART 3 ***

01. Suurta yötä päin- track 10 from Dinosaurus Stereophonicus CD 2
02. Tähdet sylissään- track 11 from Dinosaurus Stereophonicus CD 2
03. Kansantalouden saavutusten näyttely- track 02 from Dinosaurus Stereophonicus CD 1
04. Kultaiset portaat (same song again)- track 05 from Dinosaurus Stereophonicus CD 2
05. Götterdämmerung- track 05 from Kolmikärki
06. Antroposentrifugi- track 02 from Discopolis
07. Linnunhammas- track 10 from Rautakantele
08. Ehdotus ensimmäisen mainoskatkon paikaksi- track 02 from Myrskyn Ratsut single
09. Pyydä mahdotonta- track 07 from Kolmikärki
10. Marian Ilmestys- track 10 from Aurinko
11. Surunmurhaaja- track 02 from Vainajala. Also on Surunmurhaaja single
12. Pimeä maa- track 04 from Tanssitauti single
13. Vallat ja väet- track 06 from Discopolis
14. Raivo- track 05 from Raivo
15. Vainajala- track 03 from Vainajala
16. Siivekäs- track 01 from Siivekäs single
17. Taivaan lapset- track 06 from Vainajala
18. Voittamaton- track 10 from Kolmikärki
19. Tanssitauti- track 10 from Veljeskunta

MAY 31, 2008 AT 10:29 AM
Terska said...
And finally

Here's something else

Kauko Röyhkä & Narttu: "Maa on voimaa"

It's a Finnish rock album from 1985 (kind of heavy / bluesy / atmospheric)

MAY 31, 2008 AT 10:30 AM
Terska said...
PS. If you want any help with complete albums, let me know.

MAY 31, 2008 AT 10:32 AM
Thanks for breaking it all down Terska.Only a Fin would know.
Thanks for the cool album too ;)

MAY 31, 2008 AT 11:38 AM
Anonymous said...
Awesome guys!
Been looking for some CMX for ages.
Kiitos Paljon.
Had a copy of Cloaca Maxima back in the day when i lived in Finland for a year. I've since lost in somewhere in time.
Any chance you could upload to Rapidshare/Badongo or somewhere.
I badly need my fix of Suomirokkia!

Petya Venikov said...

Everything organized as well as some additional albums, Veljeskunta hopefully coming soon; in meantime:

1985 Arktinen Hysteria Demo
1986 Pohjolan Valkeus Demo
1987 Johannes Kastaja Demo - longer than the EP version
1989 Raivo EP
1990 Kolmikärki LP
1990 Tanssitauti EP
1991 Veljeskunta
1992 Aurinko
1994 Aura

Viacomclosedmedown on youtube said...

Wow!! Thank you Petya, I am very impressed. Now it will take time to see what is in my three files posted and I will try to identify.

Petya Venikov said... 1991 Veljeskunta here ;)