Wednesday, July 22, 2015

X-O Toxins - EP

REPOST Request:  Thanks for Brian Guy for this punker gem.  Here is what he said on earlier post:
Punk Band from the San Gabriel Valley area in California. Don't know when this was released on Signal Sound System Records. Side note the titles of the songs on the back of the PS is not exactly the full song titles.

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Viacomclosedmedown on youtube said...

tonyme7 said...
im assuming this was released around 93-94 a friend of mine has a this shirt when we saw them live around this time. again could be off a year or two

SEPTEMBER 21, 2011 AT 12:04 PM
Brian Guy said...
Thanks for the info.

SEPTEMBER 21, 2011 AT 8:09 PM
Anonymous said...
I released this in 1991. If you look at the label on the actual vinyl, it has the date. -McDeath

SEPTEMBER 29, 2011 AT 12:11 AM
nekrodad said...
The Malchicks :

MAY 3, 2015 AT 10:27 PM
nekrodad said...
Sorry for some reason I gave you the link to the band the xo toxins became. Lol.

Is there anyway I can please get a re up of this fine ep? Pretty please

MAY 5, 2015 AT 9:37 AM
Viacomclosedmedown on youtube said...
yeah, I was wondering about that. I can check for it at home and repost no problem, thanks for like pointing out stuff for me and stuff

MAY 5, 2015 AT 11:54 AM
nekrodad said...
No problem. BTW love your blog for years. Sorry about the dl instead of asking for the reup. Lol. The dl link I posted is the Malchicks. Its members of xo toxins mad parade white kaps etc. Really good street punk.

MAY 5, 2015 AT 12:09 PM
Viacomclosedmedown on youtube said...
Hiya nekrodad I looked all over for this and couldn't find it occassionallly that happens even though I have kept pretty close tabs since the early days either from me downloading as other members were still uploading and then some other member uploads and I never go back and check thinking I had already downloaded all the stuff--i've noticed that happens at Wild Devilman's blog a lot since we upload at the same time usually. Otherwise since I have so many unzippid files if I don't have time to unzip them right away and if maybe the first word in the title is a date or worse their own weird code or alphabetizing method in the title I may never find the file until I have had time in my old age to unzip the hundreds I have and may never ever get to listen to. I am friends with the Mad Parade guys on Facebook so I will check there or at least put this on the Wanted list tomorrow and I know Brian Guy just left a comment recently on the Fumes post I did and you might check that out and see if he is still doing his own blog or get ahold of him via the Google address if it's there. Let me know if you do and I'll repost it with the Malchicks and let folks know who they are and thank you both. I do remember your name from the past...always good to talk to the old regulars like you and Donut Duck since I'm the only one left. Cheers!

MAY 6, 2015 AT 8:07 PM
nekrodad said...
Awe man such bad news my man, yes i am from the old school around here. I use to do the death party blog. and still help at the dogs space. ill check out the fumes post.funny you mention mad parade. Mike and Billy are actual friends of mine. Mike is a stand up guy, check his new band Guttersnipe Rebellion. Good stuff!!!!

MAY 7, 2015 AT 9:31 PM
Anonymous said...
What about STEP 13 and Jeff's Parents, Your Mom. All this stuff is AVAL. STEP 13 released a live cd a while back...



JULY 16, 2015 AT 8:43 PM