Thursday, May 28, 2015

Chain Gang - Mondo Manhattan LP 8487 w Perfumed 7 w Son of Sam 7 77

REPOST:  I just received a comment on this that you will see and it reminded me I could answer that comment and the Mondo Manhattan has always been a classic to me and would fit right into my last weeks theme in the city, so here it is, also had not listened to the early stuff as much.

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JOSU said...
IS THAT THE SAME "CHAI GANG"BAND FROM THE EARLY PUNK YEARS?...THEY USED TO APPEAR IN COMPS LIKE "KILLED BY DEATH"..AND OTHERS...I just wanna know cause from what i heard of the music u put in there from them they sound a little bit different.

DECEMBER 3, 2009 AT 9:21 AM
Anonymous said...
YES it's the same band ... summink wrong with sounding 'different'?

MAY 26, 2015 AT 8:46 PM