Monday, May 18, 2015

Bombsite - RSD Extreme Noise 20th Anniversary 4 4-5 14

The drummer for this band is none other than the author John Mulhouse who resides at one of our side links at blog ( where he writes about old abandoned places in New Mexico and other spots.  He has commented in the past and that is how I met him but when I bought his new book, which I recommend called "Loss for Words and Other Stories" I emailed him and found out he knew my old mohawked friend Jason from the U of MN dorms who turned me onto his local Milwaukee legends in the Crusties and even traded me his "Cows and Beer" 7 inch from Die Kreuzen for my copy of Flipper's "Love Canal" 7 since I thought it was kind of gruesome.  I guess Jason had the band "Clutch" play in his basement before they got big along with Bombsite who were highly regarded in the Minneapolis local Punk scene out of the best record store in my hometown on Lake St. called Extreme Noise that Jason helped found before moving back to his hometown.

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