Monday, October 28, 2013

Boris Karloff Narrates Tales Of Mystery And Imagination LP 77

Every Friday night growing up, the routine in our family of ten with a neighboring family of eleven was neighborhood games until dusk, then home for a popcorn party to Horror Inc. followed by the half hour Shadow black and white series.  That is how I got to learn all the classic horror films with Boris, Bela, Lon, Peter, Vincent or Godzilla the big ones featured.  One night I remember we skipped the show to help a neighbor family raise a fallen tree by all hoisting a rope--lots of unity in our little village.  Boris Karloff a classic trained British stage actor is the great storyteller in our history in the U.S. and everything he touched was golden.  I later got his Thriller and Colonel March series--both recommended highly along with of course the Grinch and Frankenstein, etc.


Anonymous said...

Wow, I had this album as a kid and had completely forgotten about it. Thanks for posting it.

Annette Murphy said...

I had this as a kid as well! Would you please re-up the link? Thanks!!