Monday, September 23, 2013

THE CHAINSAWS - Part-Time Heroes EP

This is more in the spirit of the music that Mark Underground posted here in the early days of the blog before he exhausted all his vinyl.  The next post is perhaps the American interpretation of this style with the Patrol signifying the Guardian Angels "take back the streets" spirit of punk.


Jim P. said...

I bought this record for $2 in 2000 purely for the cover! It was at Nuggets in Kenmore Square in Boston, right near Fenway Park. The clerk said he spun it late at night before a night out drinking and I have done the same. A great slab! Thank you.

Viacomclosedmedown on youtube said...

Hey! I just went to Nuggets a few weeks ago while I was out in Boston for a trade show--that place is awesome and I still have a few slabs I had to put back to keep below 50 lbs on my luggage (and keep to budget) so I may call him up later. Yeah this is good, I definitely remember that. I have another Chainsaws in my ten or so boxes(seems to keep growing!LOL) left to rip but I think it may be a different band, I'll put it with this when I rip if it is...hey thanks for the 'heroes' comment on that other comment you left..never heard that one before:>}