Thursday, August 29, 2013

Can Someone Help Me To Identify This Band??

Here is what I know about this, it is from a VHS I got from my little sister's old boyfriend of a band he really liked--I thought it was Too Much Joy but not sure now.  What happened however is that I accidentally recorded over the tape with HIS band doing a practice (in darker lighting and no sound) keeping the part of the original unknown band images interspersed keeping their audio.  Kind of weird because his practice band looks a lot like the unknown band!  Anyway someone please ID it.


Anonymous said...

They sound like early Sense Field. I got into them with Building and I think I sampled their first 2 cds but didn't like it much. Either way this sounds like a band from Revelation Records.

Emerson -

Jay IRC said...

Sounds like Gameface.