Friday, July 12, 2013

PHOSPHOR - Frisch And Fruchtig LP 80

REPOST Request:  Unfortunately, the last song 11 called Frisch is corrupted and cannot be unzipped from the RAR file.  I am asking therefore whoever ripped this originally (it was posted by Wilddevilman but I don't know if he converted the vinyl) but whoever did I have found that this error occurs 99% of the time from placing the track marker in a no data simply move it to a zone that shows the analog signal of the music.  Clear as mud??!!  Please, this is a very cool album.

REPOST with Missing Last Song:


WildDevilMan said...

Hey Via, my rip has an dead end, it's not my rip so unfortunatly I cannot help. Anyway, the song's not really essential, haha...

fil harmonia said...

I have linked your blog to mine.
Can you put my link here.

Pubbi61 said...

I've sent a working link for the complete album to your E-Mail address.
Cheers Pubbi

Viacomclosedmedown on youtube said...


I didn't receive it. Maybe it went to an defunct member here. Can you post it here??

Pubbi61 said...

many thanks for your great blog.
It seems that I could help you with the 'Frisch Und Fruchtig' album from Phosphor. It was originally posted on 'der-likedeeler' blog and here is a link that should be working for some days.!download|833p3|2090853587||48811|0|0|1|referer-8128CD4D8B715928D6DA8D4E33DA9E43

''Nächte Auf Hawaii'' includes the not listed 14th song ''Kranol A''.

Cheers Pubbi

Viacomclosedmedown on youtube said...

O.K. thanks for Pubbi61!!! We now have the last song uncorrupted, YES!
Here it is:

schrottvogel said...

All this hubbub for just a few seconds of music :)