Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Blue-Green Gods - Takin' the Back Stairs ep

Another mystery band The Blue-Green Gods. I have them on compilations and this little number but I have no idea where they are from.

The copyright on the songs say SOCAN so I'm figuring that they must be Canadian, other than that that's all I know.

Not the best cover art I have ever seen, but the music is pretty good even if it is kind of a little different.

Released in 1992 on Jettison of Durham, NC


Brian Guy'%20the%20Back%20Stairs%20ep.rar


Anonymous said...

Definitely a Chapel Hill/Durham band, not from Canada.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Chapel Hill/ Durham and maybe even Raleigh. They practiced in my basement for awhile on Stanhope st in Raleigh since my roommate and bandmate (in Orifice) Christie was drumming for them. Todd Goss (on fb as Christopher Todd Goss put out Jettison and Moist record labels. Anne the bass and other singer is in Cantwell, Gomez and Jordan now based out of Durham.
Chris S

Chuck Arnold said...

So glad to see this thread. Used to know Anne long ago and was wondering where she was these days after listening to some of their singles recently.

Kirk Schmidt said...

The Blue Green Gods were based in Durham, NC. They reunited a couple years ago for an insane show at the Duke Coffeehouse (WXDU anniversary I think) and are about to play two more shows at The Kraken in Chapel Hill... 4/25/2015 (billed as The Former Action Figures, one of their aliases over the years) with Pipe, also from the raging early 90s Chapel Hill Scene and The Fontanelles. They're also playing The Kraken on 6/6/2015 with The Bastages.