Sunday, March 24, 2013

MINISTRY - Work For Love - EP 82


ido said...

Cool. One of the only early Ministry singles I haven't been able to cobble together over the years from CD comp tracks and mp3s found floating on the web. Do you have the "Cold Life" single or the "Revenge" single off "With Sympathy"? I like most of the songs off that record. There are a few disco clunkers ("What He Say," "Here We Go"), but the rest is great New Wave that was amazing on the live shows I've heard.

Although I listen to a lot of industrial and also several genre of metal, I just don't care for industrial metal very much. "Land of Rape and Honey" is a good album and "Mind" has some great moments. But I always seem to end up listening to "Twitch" and the singles from that period the most.

Anonymous said...

Yeah! This is when Ministry had an edge!