Sunday, February 3, 2013

The dB'S - Black And White 7" single 80



Philippe Thivillier said...

I have been thinking of a nice comment for months but somehow never found the time to write it.
Your posting on the Down Underground blog deserves the most heartfelt thanks from music fans like me who otherwise would not have the opportunity to get hold of all the records you post as the huge majority were only released in the USA.
The latest discovery that I made thanks to you is the 1982 album by The Blushing Brides and it is typically the kind of long-forgotten yet worthy album that I long to discover and that your posts enable me to.
In short, a million thanks to you from Madrid, Spain (and keep it going, please).

Viacomclosedmedown on youtube said...

Thanks, I just hope the copies keep circulating and the vinyl stays uut of the Landfill (we have a St. Paul record store in an old Armory buildng--part of the Cheapo Record stores in town but all records are $1, beat up and literally steps away from a landfill and total obscurity so I have ripped five per week as that is the maximum memory the ripping pogram handles at one time since joining this community in 2008. Glad you can help us preserve in any way. I like these bands that sing about our local river also checkout another seventies local band I have really enjoyed before called Minnesoda. Ha ha great tims with Soda Pop's!