Thursday, August 16, 2012

ジャバラ ‎– Why We Wish 12"

This is some great Japanese hardcore with a little metal thrown in for good measure. Jabara really delivers on this 12" ep. The songs sung in Japanese with a little bit of English thrown in occasionally in the lyrics, that really doesn't take away the raw power of this band.

Noritaka Kobayashi's vocals remind me of Cronos from Venom at times with his delivery. The Song "Chaos in Chaos," has a strange Black Flag/DK feel in the guitar into.

All in all if you are into Japanese hardcore this is something that you need to add to your collection if you already don't have it.

This was originally released on HG fact in 2000. This however was a re-release by Prank in 2002. (record collector geek info) According to what I have found out on line this is since it's the red vinyl version it was available only via mail order.


Brian Guy

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