Thursday, August 9, 2012

Victim Of Safety Pin - Polski Punk Underground 1977-82 LP - va

This is a damn good compilation of Polish punk rock, featuring music from 1977-1982.

The only band on this comp that I am really remotely familiar with is Dezerter. The other bands are:
Rejestracja, Deuter, Kryzys. Brak. Tilt, Deadlock, KSU, Nocne Szczury, Tass, Poe' Rocks, TZN Xenna, Kult, and Walek Dzedzej.

The sound quality on this is somewhat lacking in places, but that really doesn't hurt this little document of the Polish scene.

As far as I know this is way out of print.

Released in 2003 by Supreme Echo of Sidney, BC.


Brian Guy

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