Thursday, August 9, 2012

Iron Cross - s/t LP

Okay, it's been a while since I've posted any OI so I thought I'd post this Iron Cross LP. Now I'm not sure that this is a bootleg or a legit release. It does list New Breed Records of Washington, DC as the label, but I'm still not convinced. I also could not find an actual release date on this LP either, so who knows and really does it matter?

There are three separate releases on this album. Side A: Tracks 1-4 are the "Skinhead Glory EP" tracks 5-8 are a Demo from 1980 and side B tracks 9-15 are a live recording "Love at the Wilson Center, Washington, DC 9/17/82.

This would have been a much better release without the live tracks. The live tracks sound like it was recorded on a boom box. The vocals are so muddy at times I'm not even sure that the track listing is correct. I almost didn't even include this side in the rip as it was so disappointing, but being a completist I had to include it to let you decide for yourself.

Side one is classic, and I don't think that the Demo as been released before, but I could be wrong. And "Skinhead Glory", is just a classic EP.


Brian Guy


Viacomclosedmedown on youtube said...

Wow thanks Bri-Guy! Too bad about the live trax. If you are wanting more similar music, we used to also listen to Iron Fist back then in our scene along with IC and some great live stuff at MNPUNK blog.

Bernando said...

Thanks Brian. Never seen this release before so if its not some obscure bootleg its one hell of a limited release. I second your opinion about the livesongs. I often prefer EP's over LP's since most LP's seem to have fillouts like these on them.

Brian Guy said...

Yeah, I am more of an EP man myself and you are right, about ending up with shit just being put on a release because they have space to fill. Other than the second side. Is it me or does the 1st side seem kind of like it's been slowed down? When I first played it it sounded like 33 13 was the wrong speed, but 45 was really off. Don't know


Brian Guy

Anonymous said...

please re upload the link