Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Twinkeyz - Alien in Our Midst 7"

The Twinkeys were from Sacramento, California. This was their first release. "Aliens in our Mist" is kind of a yawn for me however, the flipside "Little Joey" seems like it should have been on a KBD comp. Think Freestone, "Bummer Bitch" but not as heavy.

This was released in 1977 on the Twirp label of Sacramento, California. This particular version has a reproduced sleeve from 2002 limited to 100 copies (for you collector geeks out there), however the vinyl is from 1977.

In 1978 the re-released "Aliens in our Mist," with a different flipside "One Thousand Reasons," which I have not heard.


Brian Guy



Viacomclosedmedown on youtube said...

Welp Bri-Guy,
I gotta say I appreciate 'someone' at DU getting a holiday post (not one but Canada Day too! Thank You, Thank You for both). So since I have been taking notes on reposts and categorily ignoring each and every one of them and rightfully so as I am seeking employment while I can buy art on unemployment and work both interests in life. Here you go friend...http://www.mediafire.com/?pdf1rnrs1dht8cv p.s. i just put my original twikeyz into your foldeer for the 7 of the same name but different b-side. I saw that LP of theirs on ebay and just couldn't justify the few hundred dollars...lol. Anyone,,,Bueller,,,?

Brian Guy said...

Yeah, I felt like I needed to mark Canada Day and the 4th.

WOW the LP is going for that much on EBay? That surprises me a bit. Glad I didn't pay nearly that much for the two seven inchers.

Thanks for the alternate b side I look forward to listening to it and seeing if it's as good as "Little Joey."

Good luck on the job search.


Brian Guy