Sunday, June 17, 2012

Omo The Hobo - A Souvenir of Omo the Obo Last of the Old Traveling Troubadours 7"

Okay this is a cautionary tale of what looks like it may be funny isn't always funny. This is probably the worst comedy 7", ep, LP, 78, CS, CD that I own except for maybe Neil Hamburger who is awful in his own right.

First off if you can't even spell the title of the release correctly you shouldn't even release it in the first place. I mean OBO? Really? Isn't that a musical instrument?

This has two sides which are full of double meanings, stupid jokes and not a bit of laughter in any of it. Its like listening to Junior Samples of HeHaw fame's slightly brain damaged brother (and I was a Junior Samples fan as a kid). The delivery is not there and the unknown female on this record (I wouldn't want my name on this either), sounds bored.

So who is Omo the Hobo? Apparently W.W. "Joe" Omohundr of Fayette, Michigan. Looking at the back of this record it looks like he released a lot of stuff, some of it songs some of it "jokes." Me being a glutton for punishment there's a part of me that wants to hear him sing, just to see how bad it is. Hopefully I will never get that chance to hear him sing.

Not sure what record label released it but I have the feeling it's a self release. There is a South Gate. California address on the front.


Brian Guy


Bernando said...

Somehow it looks like this and the Beverly Stauber EP comes from the same serie. Getting a circusfreak-vibe from both covers.

Brian Guy said...

I can honestly see why you would think that, however they are different. Beverly Stauber maybe full of hillbilly tinged rock-a-billy, and Omo comes across as a hillbilly retard the two are completely different from an aptitude stand point. Beverly Stauber: competent. Omo: incompetent.

The covers do have a circus freak vibe now that you mentioned it.


Brian Guy