Thursday, June 28, 2012

Abalienation - Live CBGB ep

For Bernando since he asked so nicely for this. ;)

Abliennation was a punk/Oi! band from Vestal, NY.

This was a live recording at CBGBs from August 13th, 1995. Eight songs in total from this band are on this little seven inch. It's been a while since I listened to this and I am posting this without listening to it (as I have the Euro Cup match coming up and I want to watch it).

The songs are taken from the following releases:
Punk the Truth (1994)
Booze & Braces (1995)
Safe For You (1993)
Destroy Tradition (1994)
Shoot Cops, Not Dope (1990)

Bernardo do you have any of these? I have the Booze and Braces ep, but I bet you already have this.

This was released  in 1996 on Bulldozer Records.


Brian Guy


Bernando said...

Thanks a ton Brian. I have the:
Safe 4 You Demo, Puke the Truth MCD, Booze & braces EP, Aesthetically Challenged 7'' (with Christian Science) and Fuck borders LP (with Dirty bird). With the one you just uploaded im still 11 records short by them though.

Bernando said...

Oh and Germany's goalie was on crack in the end....atleast thats what i think haha. What a guy.

Brian Guy said...

I think the German goalie was on crack for most of the game,I kept thinking why is he running half way down the pitch when there's still a lot of time left, but at least it made for an interesting match.

I'll keep an eye out for more of Abalienation's stuff. Hopefully I can score some more.


Brian Guy