Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Lords of the Highway - Diesel Fuel 7"

Rig rock from Mentor, Ohio. (Here is a piece of trivia former U.S. President James A. Garfield lived in Mentor, Ohio for a time.) If you enjoyed the Cowslingers and all the trucker music that has been put up on this blog as of late you are going to love this.

One instrumental "Diesel Fuel" plus two others,"Rig Rock," and a cover of the Willis Brothers, "Give Me (40 Acres)" are the tracks on this seven inch.

I really enjoyed the Willis Brothers cover as I am a big fan of the Willis Brothers and their trucker songs, "Diesel Fuel" is kind of surf rockish, kind of reminds of Deadbolt in a strange way. "Rig Rock" is just a good old fashion rock n' roll song.

I wonder if the song "Rig Rock" inspired Diesel Only Records to release two comps called "Rig Rock?"

This was released on Drink 'n' Drive Records in 1995.


Brian Guy

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