Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Korean Children's Choir - The Loved Folk Songs of Korea ep

Okay I know what everyone is thinking, "What is wrong with you,why are you posting this?" Well I just posted a bunch of the Nerds eps, so why not upload some Korean Folk Music?

Now this has been a mystery for me for quite a while as this was given to me by my parents when they got rid of their records and I didn't know when they actually bought it. Well, the mystery was solved when I listened to the record and at the end they say that this was for the '74 Expo.

The 1974 World Expo was held in Spokane, Washington. I remember going there with my Mom and brother via Greyhound. I also remember stay with my aunt during the trip and a couple of guys on the bus talking about stealing purses on the bus. Hey I was only four, don't remember much else.

So what you have is just what it says Korean Folk songs. Not for everyone, not something that I think I'll listen to a million times but kind of interesting to listen to at least once.

Released in 1974 Don't know the record label.


Brian Guy


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