Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Jughead's Revenge - Lagwagon - split 7"

A split seven inch with each band doing one cover. I am a big Poison Idea fan, and I have to say that the Jughead's Revenge cover of "Just to Get Away" is a GREAT cover. When I first got this back in the day I dubbed this onto a cassette and listened to it quite a bit. Good Job guys.
Jughead's Revenge where out of the Los Angeles, California area.

The flip side is Lagwagon out of Goleta, California and if memory serves me correct had a pretty good run. They cover "Brown Eyed Girl" a Van Morrison cover. I have to say they do a good job of covering the song.

This was released on Hard Records in 1994.


Brian Guy

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30yearsold&andbummed said...

Man, thanks for this, it is so rare, and I fuckin love Poison Idea, I thought I had Lagwagon's discography too, turns out I don't. fuckin' A.