Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Despised (NJ) - s/t ep

The Despised from Howell, New Jersey not to be confused with the band from Atlanta, Georgia also called the Despised. Four songs of OI from this band. It's kind of funny but the singer sounds like B.A. lead singer of Sloppy Seconds at times, especially on the song "advice and "the ballad of Kevin."

I would have thought that this would be something that would have been released on the Headache label, but this was released on BP Distribution in 1997.


Brian Guy


Bernando said...

Great band. Didnt have this one.

Bernando said...

Scratch that. Noticed i already had it on a harddrive with the text "Thank Brian" written on it haha.

Brian Guy said...

That's pretty funny, so good you had to have it twice right? :)