Tuesday, January 17, 2017

CONFRONT JAMES - Just Do It Extended Mixes LP 94 w Chemical Exposure EP 95 w Test One Reality LP 95

REPOST Request:  This is Greg Ginn from Black Flag's side project that REALLY reminds me of Foetus.
Link 1 of 2:  http://www87.zippyshare.com/v/6SObg0dO/file.html
Link 2 of 2:  http://www87.zippyshare.com/v/MSS4Fx6L/file.html

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nekrodad said...
Sorry for the delay in getting Fur Bible up loaded and to you. Been a rough month, and dont look like there is a light at the end of the tunnel yet, But here it is my man. I dont remember what else you wanted. So please remind me. Enjoy


JUNE 14, 2015 AT 4:30 PM
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Can we get post 2 of 2 re-upped, please?

OCTOBER 1, 2015 AT 9:31 PM
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Linx restored, yoh!

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David Allen said...
Is it possible for these links to be refreshed?
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