Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Boss Hoss - Yer O.K. 7"

Anyone Know anything about this band? Yes it's mystery band time again.

Punk rock with a tad of maybe rockabilly. The vocals remind me of Antiseen or Hellstomper in a strange way especially on the second song "Litebulb Blues."

I think they maybe from California, but who knows. I'm hoping someone out on the interweb will know something.

All I know is this was a split release in 1987 by Circus Lupus Productions of San Francisco, CA and Empty Records West Germany division.


Brian Guy


Anonymous said...
say San Francisco

Anonymous said...

Jon Spencer from the Blues Explosion with his wife. Said wife is really sexy. Right On.
Alex S.

Brian Guy said...

Alright, Thanks for the information.


Brian Guy

Anonymous said...

Sorry man, made a mistake, i was thinking about Boss Hog, trully sorry for the mistake. Alex S.