Wednesday, July 11, 2012

PBR Streetgang - st ep

Hardcore Punk from PBR Street Gang, out of Denver, Colorado. Songs are pretty short and to the point. The lead singer sounds like Udo Dirkshnider from Accept/UDO singing hardcore, which is kind of different to say the least, but not a bad band. Also kind of has an Accused (WA) feel to it.

Interesting take your name from the call sign of the boat that Martin Sheen's character from Apocalypse Now was on.

There is one thing that has me a little confused, wasn't there a band of the same name from Boise, Idaho around the same time as this band? Anyone have any answers?

This was released on Shitjack Records in or around 2000.


Brian Guy

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Bernando said...

No idea but Brazen rogues from Ohio released a CD called PBR Street Gang around that same time.