Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Diesel Queens - O.S.H. 7"

This is either a band that you love or hate, there is really no in between with them. The Diesel Queens are a little bit like The Mentors, The Macc Lads or GG Allin, but I think they do filth a little better than the rest. Yeah, sometimes the songs are about horrible things, but the humour they use makes it a little bit better than the rest.

The Diesel Queen where a San Francisco, California band. They had a couple of singles, a split EP with The Insaints, and an LP.

I didn't even know that this existed until I found it going thru a stack of records in a record store.  Most of the pile was total crap or stuff I already had, then I saw this and had one of those "holy shit" moments and knew that I needed to pick this up even though it looks like someone puked milk on it.  The picture sleeve, the vinyl and the insert are in beautiful shape so for $4, why the hell not. I've already heard both of these songs on previous releases, but still it was worth it.

This was released in 1991 on Activatior Inc, of San Jose, California.

If you have a sick sense of humour you'll probably like this, if you take things too seriously avoid this like herpes.

If people want more from The Diesel Queens let me know.


Brian Guy