Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Cocknoose - Invader #1 must Die 7"

Keeping with My wrestling theme for the day, Cocknoose from Lawrence, KS. Two songs both about pro-wrestling. The first song Invader #1 Must Die, is about how Invader #1 (Jose Huertas Gonzalez),killed Brusier Brody (Frank Goodish) in a locker room in Puerto Rico pretty much got away scott free and how they feel about it. The band also dedicated the song to the memory of Brusier Brody which I think is pretty cool.
The second song on this 7" is a cover of the Fabulous Freebirds song from 1984. I have to admit that these boys from Kansas do a pretty damn good cover of it. I think Michael Hayes would be proud.


Viacomclosedmedown said...

Wow great flashbacks you have been presenting from the old days of the AWA a tradition I got indoctrinated into having two older brothers--one who tested famous moves on me like the 'Texas Brainbuster' or stuff he made up like more 'humane' finger-pointing drill into the middle of your chest while he had you pinned (that's after my mom banned the Texas Brainbuster knuckles to the temples of your head!)

Brian Guy said...

Glad you are enjoying it. Yeah, I remember my friends and I trying out holds on each other. Ended up in a figure four one time. Funny side story when I was in junior high, we did wrestling in PE one time and I didn't really know that there was a difference in pro-wrestling and amateur wrestling. I put my friend Mark in a headlock and started wrenching on him, he ended up with a bloody nose, and I got yelled at by our PE teacher. I felt pretty bad about what I did to Mark but it was a learning experience.
I first started watching wrestling on a b/w TV with about a six inch screen. Portland Wrestling on KPTV, I watched it every week once we got a satellite dish I was able to watch wrestling from all over the US, Canada and Mexico and that was fun. My dad would say "It's fake you know," I already had that figured out, but it was always fun trying to figure out what would happen next. With the death of the NWA and the rise of WWF/WWE and the abortion called Sports Entertainment my love of wrestling pretty much died. I'll still watch indy feds once in a while but, it's just not the same. Oh well, I'm showing my geekdom and age aren't I.

Brian Guy