Tuesday, May 19, 2020

VA - Frank Johnson's Favoriites - Ralph Records LP 81

PLEASE SEARCH ABOVE FOR MORE and ADD ON:  Yes!  Another Ralph compilation to add to the collection, features:  TUXEDOMOON, FRED FRITH, RENALDO AND THE LOAF, MX-80 SOUND, THE RESIDENTS, SNAKEFINGER, sorry folks had quality issue on rip


Loudandnasty said...

Hi there, benevolent blogger. Just a quick note to inform that both this link and the Grant Hart one failed to download, both Chrome and Microsoft Edge reporting "virus detected." And, while I'm here, I'll take the time to thank you again for making the world a better place.
Cheers from San Francisco

rev.b said...

...and one of my favorite comps too. Frank Johnson sure did know a thing or two about music. The link's working for me but I've had issues before. That GoFile cloud's a bit dodgey. I know, bitch bitch bitch, but lemme slip a thankyah in there too.

Loudandnasty said...

Thanks for the new links!! These old Ralph Records comp.s are a treat for sure.
Cheers from SF