Thursday, May 28, 2020

9353 - To Whom It May Concern LP 84 w We Are Absolutely Sure There Is No God LP 85 w UFO's Sideswiped Our Reform School Bus And That's Why We're Home Early, Mum LP 93 w Overdoses At Your Mother's House CD Bonus Tracks w Make Your Last Days Loud Days CD Bonus Tracks 93 w Insult To Injury, Magically Delicious CD 94 w Ravens Of Glenmore Drive LP 12

This DC band brings some comfort during this pandemic crisis--especially some tunes on the orange album there.  Still need the demo tape or as it was re-released the 'Born On Probation' CD from 2014.  Anybody got this one?  It's been on Dr. Drunk's want list for a long time so thought I would try to help him out.  Stay safe out there.
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planckzoo said...

ty for the 9353!

Brett Alan said...

Man, I've been looking for We Are Absolutely Sure There Is No God for YEARS. Loved it when I was in college radio. I remember Bypartizoa being my favorite, but I couldn't hum it now. To be rectified soon! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I can post the 1983 demos. Hang tight.

Anonymous said...

Here's more 9353:
9353-1983-Born On Probation-The 1983 Demos-(2014)-(128).zip
9353-1993-Overdoses At Your Mother's
9353-2009-The 2009 Re-Recorded 9353 Oldies-(128).zip