Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Death Valley 69 w Right Side of My Brain featuring Sonic Youth and Lydia Lunch VHS rip 85

I am not sure if this the whole video or what but it said it was 'Right Side Of My Brain' as title after the Death Valley 69 song opens it up. I am organizing my MP4 new rips and found this so thought I would share it.  Stay safe out there and take 1000 mg Vitamin C every couple of hours to get a good dissolved mucus flow to flush out the COVID-19 virus.  You need IV feed of 10,000 mg - 20,000 mg a day for 7-10 days of Vitamin C to actually kill it like the Chinese are doing.  Supposedly the Dutch have an antibody that they are testing.!jM9XhSIJ!siBfLi742Sl9SjMerRbxCp4q-SspJcfYNlBlUqRm0P0

UPDATE:  If you are near death with COVID-19 this will cure it as was shown:
 anti-malaria drug called hydroxycloroquinechloroquine but Russia says Mefloquine is even better.

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Open Eye Everybody !!!

familiajimrock said...

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Des Cargar said...

Hey you wanna remove your stupid suggestion exploiting fear?

Viacomclosedmedown on youtube said...

Wish I knew what the fuck you are talking about, just trying to prevent deaths.

Anonymous said...

"Despite the absence of strong evidence, some people are already attempting to self-medicate with the drug, with disastrous consequences. Hydroxychloroquine can have dangerous side-effects if the dose is not carefully controlled, and cases of chloroquine poisoning have been reported in Nigeria and the USA."

Bottom line: So far, no serious clinical trials have been conducted and the positive stories about the drug's curative powers in regard to COVID-19 are either hard-to-confirm personal anecdotes or news articles on wacko right-wing sites like OAN.