Wednesday, June 12, 2019

IRON FIST - Demo - CrucifyMe w Live at Wilebskis Blues Saloon St Paul MN 7 13 1986 w Live at the Cabooze Minneapolis MN 1 27 1987

REPOST Request:   This is a timely 'SPOT ON' request as last week I learn from a facebook group that our old Mpls. public assess channel 2 KTCA (PBS) is working on (finally!) a documentary movie on our little Twin Cities (Minneapolis and St. Paul, MN) early Hardcore Punk Rock scene, with Todlachen, Final Conflict, Husker Du, Loud Fast Rules, Outcry, Red Meat, Ankle Chop, Blue Hippos, Otto's Chemical Lounge, Replacements, Boy Elroy, Willful Neglect and this band Iron Fist!
I know there are some old scenesters that may see this like who did the MNPUNK website or others like 'Oak Tree' a tall dude I remember or the dude that spawned the shirt 'I'd Break My Neck To See Die Kreuzen' and they follow up on this guy in the promo here as he recovered usage of his limbs after the slam pit injury.  You got's to hear this link:
They still need contributors is why I mention it so please contact or send them stuff.  Can't wait!  They actually have Lori Barbero from Babes In Toyland who is thanked on this Iron Fist demo!  Also has Ollie Stench in the preview commenting as he later became singer for this band.
Iron Fist Link:


Viacomclosedmedown on youtube said...

Ollie Stench said...
Iron Fist was my favorite band when this came out. 3 years later I ended up singing for them. We recorded 2 more tapes, "Gun At My Head" and "Lewd Crude and Tattooed".

-Bradley Beving aka Ollie Stench

MARCH 5, 2014 AT 10:20 AM
corycmc said...
Can you please please re - up this? It has become impossible to find! Thanks, Cory

JUNE 5, 2019 AT 11:16 PM

corycmc said...

The Minnesota Hardcore trailer is what prompted me to ask you to re-up so thank you!!! Speaking of that do you have any Todlachen besides what's on the Kitten Comp? Thanks again, Cory

Viacomclosedmedown on youtube said...

Hi corycmc,

Thanks for the comments! I wish I did have more Todlachen to share. I did post the Boy Elroy album long ago but someone from the band didn't like it and had it taken down. May they were waiting for a film like this to 'up' their value for future projects??

Anonymous said...

hi , if you have this album you can post pls many thanks