Friday, April 19, 2019

SHANNON live show 4-17-2019 - Let The Music Play w It's Electric

It was such an awesome show last Sunday I had to share two songs I recorded by Shannon for Special Olympics participants:  Let The Music Play and It's Electric!!  She said when the song came out back in 1983 it was considered one of the very earliest examples of EBM type music.  Joiner for LTMP in the first file.
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angstytimelord said...

I seriously LOVE Shannon's music. The "Let the Music Play" album was one of my favorites back in the 80s. Though I have to say that "My Heart's Divided" was my favorite song on it, while just about everybody else's favorite seemed to be the title track. I loved her "Do You Wanna Get Away" song, too. She's great!